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What is an online cash loan?

No need for collateral

Online loans are a form of unsecured loans, meaning lenders rely only on the borrower's reputation to lend.

Completely online process

Loan procedures take place 100% online, without in-person contact.

Simple procedures and conditions

Most lenders only require borrowers to have a valid ID, phone number and a bank account.

Low loan limit

Most lenders only lend up to ₱25,000.

Advantages and disadvantages of online loans


Loan without collateral
No collateral required, no guarantor required.
100% online process
Borrowers only need a phone to apply for a loan.
Quick review time
The loan approval process only takes 5 - 30 minutes.
Payment on the same day
After the loan application is approved, it only takes about 30 minutes and at the latest 24 hours, the money will be in the borrower's account.
Simple loan procedures and conditions
Most lenders only require a valid ID to be able to receive a loan.


Low loan limit
The maximum loan received is only ₱25,000.
The interest rate is quite high
Interest rates for fast money loans are higher than consumer loans
There is a service fee
Most urgent loan partners have service fees incurred
The loan term is quite short
Fast loan term is only from 30 days to 180 days
Many lending partners are not reputable
May affect the borrower's personal information

Requirements for applying for a loan online


You just need a valid ID

Bank account

You need to have a valid bank or e-wallet account to receive the loan

Phone number

You need to have an official phone number to apply for a loan


20 - 70 years old

4 easy steps to get a cash loan

Use LoanOnline to find the right online loan for you

Visit the partner website and complete the application process

Waiting for approval from the lending partner

Receive the cash and make sure you pay it on time

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What you need to pay attention to when borrowing money online

Choose a reputable lending partner

Before applying for a loan, you need to learn about lending partners and only choose reputable partners who have been licensed to operate and disclose transparent and clear information.

Find out more about interest rates and loan fees

Before signing the contract, read carefully the regulations on interest rates, penalty fees and loan terms.

Calculating debt repayment ability

Absolutely do not borrow an amount beyond your ability to pay and need to calculate a reasonable repayment period so as not to fall into a late payment situation because the penalty fee is often very high.

Do not submit documents through intermediaries

Do not entrust your original documents and documents to anyone to avoid being taken advantage of, creating fake profiles to get a loan.

No prepayment

There are some subjects that require the borrower to pay a fee in advance for the application to be approved quickly and then cut off contact. You need to be aware and do not pay any fees before the loan is disbursed.