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Pera Asia Philippines offers a convenient and efficient way for Filipino working citizens to secure cash loans online. By automating the selection of loan offers based on specified lending parameters, it eliminates the need for applicants to approach each credit institution individually. This service is accessible to all working residents of the Philippines over the age of 21, requiring only personal and employment information for application. The process is streamlined through the Pera Asia App or website, ensuring a quick and hassle-free way to manage unforeseen financial needs.

Using Pera Asia services is highly beneficial for those in need of quick financial assistance due to its high approval rates, especially for first-time borrowers with a maximum probability of 97% for loans between 3,000 to 7,000 pesos. The platform offers a secure and straightforward application process, promising confidentiality and the protection of personal data. With the option to choose loans with the most favorable terms from multiple MFIs and the convenience of online application, Pera Asia stands out as a reliable financial partner in times of need.

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Advantages of Pera Asia

High Approval Rate

First-time borrowers enjoy up to a 97% approval rate for loans ranging from 3,000 to 7,000 pesos.

Convenient Online Application

Apply for loans through the Pera Asia App or website, with a streamlined process that saves time and effort.

Secure and Confidential

Pera Asia guarantees the protection of personal data and ensures confidentiality throughout the loan process.

Flexible Loan Terms

Offers loans with terms from two months to 1 year and the ability to choose the most favorable terms from multiple offers.


What our customer says about Pera Asia

Hear from delighted customers who've found success with Pera Asia

User Experience
Customer Support
Product/Service Range

I am genuinely impressed with Pera Asia for their level of Trustworthiness. Throughout the process, I was always provided with full and transparent information about the loans and conditions, making me feel at ease when making decisions. The customer support team is also very professional and attentive. Thank you, Pera Asia, for being there for me!"


When searching for a reliable lending service, I chose Pera Asia and was not disappointed. The User Experience from the first step to receiving the loan exceeded all my expectations. They have a rich array of products/services that cater to all my financial needs. The team at Pera Asia is always ready to answer any queries and support any issues quickly.


One of the things I value most about Pera Asia is their Range of Products/Services. Whether you need short-term or long-term loans, Pera Asia has the right solution. Moreover, their customer support team is truly excellent, always listening and resolving any of my concerns swiftly and efficiently. It was a great experience working with Pera Asia.


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