Mabilis Cash

MabilisCash is a pioneering financial service in the Philippines, offering a fast, convenient, and secure way to borrow money online. Utilizing the latest in Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence technologies, MabilisCash provides a seamless borrowing experience. Customers can apply for loans up to ₱25,000 without needing collateral, simply by using valid government-issued IDs. The application process is entirely online and paperless, ensuring a hassle-free experience. With low rates, fast payout directly to your bank account or Gcash, and longer payment terms, MabilisCash is committed to meeting your financial needs efficiently.

Choosing MabilisCash for your financial needs means opting for a hassle-free and efficient borrowing experience. With the ability to apply easily online without collateral, receive high loan amounts up to ₱25,000, benefit from low rates, and enjoy fast payout directly to your preferred cash-out method, MabilisCash stands out as a superior choice. The longer payment terms and the opportunity to increase your limit with on-time repayment further enhance the appeal. MabilisCash, backed by MALI LENDING CORP., ensures a trustworthy and reliable service, making it an ideal solution for your immediate financial needs.

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Advantages of Mabilis Cash

High Loan Amount

Get up to ₱25,000 approved loan amount, with the possibility to increase your limit through on-time repayments.

Easy Application

Apply easily with just a valid government-issued ID, without the need for collateral. The entire process is online and paperless.

Low Rates

Enjoy all-in fees as low as ₱3.2 per day for borrowing ₱1,000, with no hidden fees.

Fast Payout

Receive your money in minutes, sent directly to your bank account or Gcash.


What our customer says about Mabilis Cash

Hear from delighted customers who've found success with Mabilis Cash

User Experience
Customer Support
Product/Service Range

I am genuinely impressed with Mabilis Cash for their level of Trustworthiness. Throughout the process, I was always provided with full and transparent information about the loans and conditions, making me feel at ease when making decisions. The customer support team is also very professional and attentive. Thank you, Mabilis Cash, for being there for me!"


When searching for a reliable lending service, I chose Mabilis Cash and was not disappointed. The User Experience from the first step to receiving the loan exceeded all my expectations. They have a rich array of products/services that cater to all my financial needs. The team at Mabilis Cash is always ready to answer any queries and support any issues quickly.


One of the things I value most about Mabilis Cash is their Range of Products/Services. Whether you need short-term or long-term loans, Mabilis Cash has the right solution. Moreover, their customer support team is truly excellent, always listening and resolving any of my concerns swiftly and efficiently. It was a great experience working with Mabilis Cash.


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