CSFC, registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission since December 21, 1965, offers a range of products and services designed to empower individuals and cooperatives in the Philippines. For over 55 years, CSFC has been instrumental in aiding various demographics, including students, families, young entrepreneurs, and international workers, in achieving their financial goals. Through innovative solutions like the Credit Surety Fund Cooperative Information System (CSFC-IS), CSFC streamlines loan application processes, risk assessment, and financial management, making it easier for members to access the capital they need for growth and development.

Utilizing CSFC services provides a unique opportunity for individuals and cooperatives to access loans without hard collateral, a significant barrier for many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and farmers. The establishment of the Nueva Vizcaya Credit Surety Fund (NVCSF) and its evolution into the NVCSFC showcases CSFC's commitment to financial inclusivity and support for the agricultural sector. By leveraging CSFC's services, members can benefit from lower interest rates, reduced costs, and improved risk management, thereby enhancing their financial stability and capacity for growth.

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Advantages of CSFC

No Hard Collateral Required

Members can avail loans without the need for hard collateral, making it easier for SMEs and farmers to access necessary funds.

Lower Interest Rates

Through negotiations and partnerships, CSFC has managed to secure lower interest rates for its members, reducing the financial burden on borrowers.

Improved Risk Management

With features like credit scoring and fraud detection, CSFC helps cooperatives better manage lending risks.

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

The CSFC-IS automates many manual tasks, allowing cooperatives to focus more on their core activities and less on administrative processes.


What our customer says about CSFC

Hear from delighted customers who've found success with CSFC

User Experience
Customer Support
Product/Service Range

I am genuinely impressed with CSFC for their level of Trustworthiness. Throughout the process, I was always provided with full and transparent information about the loans and conditions, making me feel at ease when making decisions. The customer support team is also very professional and attentive. Thank you, CSFC, for being there for me!"


When searching for a reliable lending service, I chose CSFC and was not disappointed. The User Experience from the first step to receiving the loan exceeded all my expectations. They have a rich array of products/services that cater to all my financial needs. The team at CSFC is always ready to answer any queries and support any issues quickly.


One of the things I value most about CSFC is their Range of Products/Services. Whether you need short-term or long-term loans, CSFC has the right solution. Moreover, their customer support team is truly excellent, always listening and resolving any of my concerns swiftly and efficiently. It was a great experience working with CSFC.


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